Anonymous asked: I wish I didn't get an abortion two days ago even if I'm not ready to be a mother.
Anonymous asked: im gonna cheat on my boyfrind bcus hes a dumbass who dont know what he has. im gonna cheat with a much older guy.
Anonymous asked: My friend gets me so angry. I really think she's bipolar but also she pushes me away so many times even though I constantly show her that I'm here for her. She knows what she's doing because every time we discuss it, she says that's how she is. She makes me feel like shit but she also makes me happy and I feel comfortable. It's so fucked up but I can't cut her off, I don't want to. I feel like I need her and t.b.h she needs me but doesn't want to show it sometimes. She opens up then closes.
Anonymous asked: I've been hooking up at school since I a freshmen. Never full atw. Its always with the same guy and I don't even like him. I just like the scare of getting caught. He wants to have the real deal but I'm fucking someone else. I don't like him either.
Anonymous asked: I'm 19 and I'm still a virgin
Anonymous asked: I thought I wanted a relationship with my best friend. So we had sex and I told him I loved him. After that I realized that I was just lonely. I told him I wasn't really in love. It broke his heart. Now we don't even talk.
Anonymous asked: Recently I caught feelings for my friend. I care for her so much even though she pushes me away sometimes. I still love her as my close friend because we always go through ups and downs but get through it. She's the only person that can get me so angry but also she makes me happy and I feel comfortable around and I can be myself. A couple of weeks ago I was looking at her different, but even though I'm not bi I have feelings for her. I'm not going to ruin it, I can sweep it under the rug.
Anonymous asked: No matter how many times my ex has broken my heart, and continues to do so, I cannot let go. I cling to all the great times we had and the bond that we shared even though it eats me up inside
Anonymous asked: i told my bf that i was pregnant and i wasnt i just needed his attention bcus i was so in love with him but he still acted like an asshole. i somehow regret it but no so much bcus i feel like i did it out of love. i apologied to god for what i did. i told my bf i had a miscarriage.
Anonymous asked: I'm 17 soon 18 I've been single for 2 years since those 2 years I didnt have sex til this year, I've become so active, made up w/ my ex we've fucked & I met this 24 year old, I sucked both their dicks in the same week & both fucking them

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